did you miss me???

so i know our prolonged absence has been devastating to you all, but i am here to quell your fears...we're back!! i realize it's been freakin forever since we last talked but what can i say? i was never good at keeping a journal. what's new you ask? not too much. ryan has started back at school and is ready for summer. he has a lot of projects and is taking a portfolio prep class to get ready to apply for the graphic design school at cslb. it makes me so glad that i'm no longer a slave to the education system. i'm free!! work is good. business is a little slow but this is typically our slowest time so it's hard to know where to cast blame; the usual business pattern of the year or DUN DUN DUN.......the ECONOMY!!! there's one word i can't stand anymore. anyone else with me??

much love to you all


Winding down

What a party!

Thanks so much to everyone that was able to make it to our crazy party. So many people showed up, it was great! Sorry that some of you could not make it. Katie and I would love to hang out to make up for it.
We were not expecting to be shown so much love by everyone and we hope that you enjoyed the video we had playing so you could pretend to be there in the midst of that special day. In the meantime, we are going to be getting our apartment as ready was we can so that we can start having you come over to see it. It will be great to have you all over to watch movies and look at our small but awesome apartment.
Thanks again everyone. Katie and I had a wonderful time and we thank you for being there!



Good pictures from a good friend.

Our day was amazing, and John made it look even cooler with his epic skills. Click on the picture to see all the rest of the awesome photos he's posted.


Catalonia Playa Maroma

We made it back alive. I know, you thought that we would get lost amidst the jungles and vendors but we are home a little tanner, a little poorer, and a lot more relaxed. The wedding is done, and we are going to have to get back into the swing of things. Katie is back at work on Tuesday, I'm at school Monday and I still have homework to do. But all is well in the world because we are married!!

If you haven't heard yet, we're having a party coming up on the 16th this month that you are all invited to. It's kind of like a reception where you can show up, hang out, see photo's and videos and things like that. We'll be wearing our fancy wedding outfits again so it will be as if we just came from the chapel. You can snap some photos with us, enjoy a little refreshment, and maybe dance a little too!! We love you all and cant wait to see you.




there are so many things that have happened since that last post. for starters, our apologies for not being better about keeping you updated. but seriously, there has been so much going on!!

my bacheolorette weekend was amazing. a small group of friends took me to a desert oasis in the form of palm desert. we stayed at a hotel that had a wild rivers-ish water slide. it was so much fun!! especially the 8 and 9 year old boys that we befriended. i know one little guy was very partial to jesse. he liked her freckles. we went dancing friday night at a fine establishment called ZELDA'S. i have only one word for that place...classy...

we took a pole dancing class that totally kicked our butts!! who knew that strippers were required to have good arm and leg strength. it was so much fun. totally recommend it for all you soon to be brides and future bridesmaids.

my friend sara got me one of those cheesy veils to wear for the weekend and i realized that worlds open up to you that were not there before with this veil. you automatically become somewhat of a celebrity. people stopping you in the streets, buying you drinks, i now know what if feels like to be angelina jolie. (well, maybe not) all in all, it was an awesome weekend with some of the girls whom i care about most.

This past weekend I had a great time keeping from Ryan all the information that I knew about his bachelor party. The boys pretty much kidnapped him and interrogated him while he was tied to a chair. Ryan recalls that it was very insightful as to what it's like to be a prisoner of war. I didn't really know about all that stuff though, so don't think I'm that horrible for setting him up. Ryan says that they had a great time afterwards being boys. Playing video games, skateboarding, and going to the beach the next day. He almost won a small video game tournament but of course John Woods won. so our weekends were good ones for sure.

gotta run. it's crazy to think that i will only be sleeping here at my parents house for 4 more nights!!! i'm so freakin excited and ready to be katie hedges!!!



15 more days...

...until my birthday! Yep. I bet you thought I was referring to the wedding. Life around the ranch has been really crazy. God has been blessing us though this whole process, while at the same time we find ourselves often stressed out with the knowledge of what we still need to do before the wedding.
How have we been blessed? Well the main thing is we got a great bed for a great price. FREE!! I bet you can't beat that advertised price Sit and Sleep! So now we just need some sheets to make the whole thing look great.
Speaking of great the apartment is doing well. It's coming along. Katie and I have been very busy so we don't get much time to arrange things the way we want them. It's kinda a big mess over here at the moment. Well, that's OK because I bet that will give us something to do when we are married.
We will give you a full update when we can about the goings ons of Thee Katie and Thee Ryan when we are together and can give you a more exciting read.



Move it or lose it

So it's great to be able to write an update. The reason is, with all the things that we have had to do before the wedding, I, Ryan, am finally living in our apartment. Its a nice place and it's really weird having a place that is mine, I mean ours. My stuff is there, but I have not really set anything up. Boxes of my junk are everywhere. The internet with Time Warner has not been set up. Don't you just hate cable company's? That's why I just feel so out of touch with the world. I have to go to our folks house and use their interwebs. No online games for me for awhile. This weekend is a bridal shower and we are super excited!



Bridal Registry

for anyone who has never done a bridal registry before, a few words of advice:
- it's really overwhelming at first
- start with one room, and register for anything you could need in that room before moving on
- don't be afraid to register for things that seem expensive or a little fantastical, you never know what may arrive in a pretty little package...

after 5 and a half extensive hours, ryan and i think we have successfully completed our bridal registry. who knew it took that long to decide what bath towels you wanted, what pillow was the softest and most cloud-like, what kind of rug you wanted under your feet. Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target were most accomidating.

we were definately disappointed to find out that IKEA isn't "with it" yet as far as regisrty is concerned. there are a few things we were hoping would be affordable from there such as a kitchen table, a computer desk for ryan, an enertainment center thing...it really sucks coming straight from your parents house because most of your furniture is the same motif from early childhood and doesn't have the practicality to accomidate two newly weds. so with that in mind, we leave it up to your imaginations....


Now it's time for you to get YOUR mind blown!

Well John has done it again. Using his skills behind the lense, and all of our creative juices we had a great time shooting some amazing photos. Check out some of his favorites!

John Robert Woods Photography!

Well things have been pretty exciting over here in California. I get to move into the apartment that Katie and I will be living in when we get married on Monday. I will be at school but I'll start the process this week. Katie has been working hard at the Salon. We are extremely happy that Katie gets to work at such an awesome salon. You should go see her if you haven't done it already!



Watch Katie get her mind blown!

Well on May 25 Katie and I got engaged. My good friend John was there to capture the whole moment and it was vary amazing. He has a blog and posted several pictures of the whole special crazy event. If you haven't seen them yet I think that you should click on the link below and check it out.

John Robert Woods Photography
--Ryan and Katie !!--

Enjoy them!!


Sleepy Puppy

There's nothing sweeter than the contented sighs of your puppy as he sleeps next to you nestled into the nooks of your pillows.
-Katie S.

Katie is not talking about me. Rather, she is talking about her real puppy Schultzy. We are not into weird "pet" names for each other like "cupcake", "shnookums" or "poodle". Coming up in November it won't be her puppy anymore. He will be mine... all mine... I don't think the poor dog knows what's in store for him.

Katie and I set up our registry at Bed Bath and Beyond tonight for a couple hours. It was odd thinking about what we would "need" to live as newlyweds. "Flatware" (I guess you can call it that even though I just call it silverware) , cups, and dishes are "necessities". Who knew there were so many different types of measuring cups, spatulas, and cutting boards. I can see how living at home sort of puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to know what is the best brand of whisks.

I did have a great time handling the gun, which from what I hear is every mans favorite part about registering for gifts. Who knew I could get excited about what trashcan I would scan. (We didn't go for the expensive "fingerprint-less" metal trashcans. I never knew modern man had the ability to make a material that, no matter how hard I tried, would not leave a grimy print behind. Further proving that man must have gone to the moon.)

One hard thing though is remembering, we are buying for an apartment, not a seven bedroom colonial town home off the banks of the Mississippi river. Wall space, kitchen counter space, and floor space all play a huge factor.

Overall it was a lot of fun. Katie has been sick so I think she only kinda sorta had a good time. Let's all pray she feels better. Oh, also that I find a sweet job. Umm, and that we get all this wedding stuff figured out too. That's it... for now... yeah



Ryan And Katie Hedges

Ryan Hedges and Katie Stuck are finally getting married!!